Heather is officially on the ballot for the November 7th election

I have turned in my completed petition and it was found to be valid. Yay! Now I am officially on the November 7th ballot.I want to that all of you who signed my petition. I am honored that you took time out of your day to sign.

Now comes the hard part. I need to convince all of you here in Ward 5 that I am the right person to represent you on City Council. I have many ideas about how I can help Bedford become a vibrant and flourishing community. Many of them are cost effective or even free. But first, I need to show you that I am the person you should vote for.

I look forward to meeting many of you over the course of the next few months. If you see me around town and you have questions about me or my campaign, please feel free to stop and chat with me. I am happy to listen. Together we can create a brighter future for Bedford!