1. How old are you?
    Heather is 41. She just looks really young. 🙂

  2. What experience do you have with government?
    Heather has not held political office before, but she has been politically active since she was a teenager. She has volunteered for many political campaigns, in particular school levies.

  3. Why do you want to run for Ward 5 City Council?
    Click here to read why Heather wants to run for Bedford City Council.

  4. What do you see as the major issues for Bedford and Ward 5?

    Click here to read about the issues Heather sees in Bedford, OH.

  5. Are you the person who bought The Lamson House?
    Yes, My husband and I bought The Lamson House 2 years ago. We are currently renovating it and are always happy to let people in to take a peek. Please feel free to stop by and see the house or to talk to me. I work from home and am there most of the time.

  6. Are you the one who writes articles about The Lamson House in The Liberty News?
    Yes, I write the articles you read in The Liberty News.

  7. Were you in favor of the city raising the tax rate to 3%.
    That is a good question about the tax increase. Was I in favor of the tax increase? No. Did I vote for the tax increase? Yes. I feel at that point in time, as residents, our hands were tied and I really did not like that the city did that.I am frustrated with the city that they let the budget get to the point where we had no choice but to have a tax increase. The fact is that the city is now $1 million in the red and without the tax increase at this time, we would have lost several important services the city needs and enjoys. But I really have to wonder how we got to be that far in debt to where we had a no-win situation like that. No one gets $1 million in the hole overnight.The city claimed that lack of money from the state and loss of businesses who pay taxes were to blame for the deficit, but again, these issues have been around for several years now. Why was something not done sooner?

    This is one of many reasons I am running for city council. I run my own business and have for 11 years. I don’t have the option with my business to raise taxes. I go a million dollars in debt, I have to shut down my business. So I have to handle cash flow problems before they cause debt. If I were on city council, I think this experience would help me make sure that the city also holds to that in the future.