Committed to Bedford’s Future

Why I want to run for Bedford City Council.

Whenever someone runs for any public office, they are nearly always asked the question of “why”. Why would you want to take on the problems of an entire community? And, in my opinion, the answer to that question should be because I care about that community.

Ever since I moved here nearly 17 years ago, I have been in love with Bedford. The adorable houses rich with history, the weekly festivals and concerts in the Bedford Commons in the summer, the close proximity to the MetroParks and all they have to offer and certainly let’s not forget all the great people who live in Bedford.

But I see many troubling trends and issues developing in the City of Bedford as well. Trends and issues that could and, frankly, are threatening many of the things that I love about this city. Some are simply issues that are a result of the times we live in while others are what I see as stemming from mismanagement, ignorance and even simple, blatant disregard for the City’s laws and procedures and whom they should apply to.

I don’t want to see Bedford get lost and left behind. The old guard has been trying to bring us back to a world that no longer exists and should not exist in this modern world. Many of them are having trouble understanding how new technologies and changing tastes in regards to where people get information and how people view a city and how that effects our little city. It is high time Bedford saw some new blood on its city council. Someone who can look at Bedford’s past while understanding today’s world and build on both of those to make a better future for Bedford. A future that fits in with and thrives in this modern world. If we want to survive as an intact community, we cannot move backwards. We must move forward.

I think I have the qualifications to help make this happen for Bedford. I want to help Bedford and all of its residents live in a city that balances the rich and proud history with a thriving and productive future. I think this is very possible with some cost effective planning, reorganization and updating. Remember, I run a very successful small business and in order to do that you have to be able to do big things on a little budget. I have the experience and the knowledge to do the same thing for The City of Bedford.

I want to be your next city council member because I care about Bedford and the people who live here. I live here, my family lives here, my friends live here. How can I not want to use my skills to help all of these people too? Why do I want to represent you on Bedford’s City Council? Because I care about everyone and everything in this city.